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Lack of Congressional Action Threatens Children’s Health Coverage in Connecticut

Federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expired at the end of September – and without reauthorization, this could mean major cuts to coverage for kids here in Connecticut and across the country. How did we get here?  … Continue reading

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EVENT: Tuesday, May 30 – Join us to say NO to HUSKY Cuts!

Join with people receiving health care through HUSKY (Medicaid) and other Medicaid advocates to oppose cuts in income eligibility levels for parents in the HUSKY program. The General Assembly will most likely be in session so this will also be … Continue reading

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Trump Budget Means a Triple Whammy for Connecticut’s Medicaid Program 

By Jill Zorn  Donald Trump’s budget, “A New Foundation for American Greatness” is just the latest in a string of attacks against Connecticut’s Medicaid program. First, is the proposed state budget cut that would lead to 9,500 HUSKY A parents, with … Continue reading

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Say “No” to Taking Health Care from Low Income Parents!

The state budget crisis has put HUSKY A parents’ health insurance coverage on the chopping block again.  HUSKY A is the state’s Medicaid program that provides health care coverage for low-income parents and their children. If this all sounds familiar, … Continue reading

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Medicaid facing threats (again) in the Governor’s Budget

By Rosana Garcia When Governor Malloy released his budget for fiscal years 2017-2019, his proposals had cuts to health care and Medicaid/HUSKY.   It’s no secret that the state budget has a deficit of over $1.5 billion dollars next fiscal year, and … Continue reading

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