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Manchester & Rockville Hospital Sales Up for Review 

For Profit, Out-of-State Entity Makes Bid to Get Into CT   By Lynne Ide  Change is in the air for two of the state’s nonprofit, community hospitals in Manchester and Rockville.  The hospitals, now part of the Eastern CT Health Network … Continue reading

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Informed Community ≠ Hostile Position

By Stephanye R. Clarke Last week, in a standing-room only space, community members, leaders and hospital employees gathered to learn about how the Yale-New Haven Health System/Lawrence + Memorial Hospital “affiliation” could impact the community. Initially billed as a community … Continue reading

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Why Consolidation in the Hospital and Insurance Industries is Hurting us

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Playing Monopoly with our Money 

By Jill Zorn  As insurers and hospitals plan major mergers, they are playing with our hard-earned dollars and not with pretend Monopoly money. For this last post in our mini-series on consolidation, we focus on the hospital industry. The first blog in the series, … Continue reading

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Connecticut Consumers Likely to be Squeezed by Insurer Mergers

By Jill Zorn The evidence is clear: consolidation among health care providers or health insurers, is not good for consumers, and is particularly concerning to those of us who live in Connecticut. Our previous blog on insurer and provider consolidation … Continue reading

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Rory’s Story: Person-Centered Care Must be our Goal

By Lisa Freeman In 1991, my 37-year-old husband, Rory, went into the hospital following a back injury.  We had two young children and surgery was recommended to prevent paralysis, which we were told was otherwise inevitable. What should have been … Continue reading

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Insurance Industry vs. Hospital Industry: Who Should Consumers Believe?

By Jill Zorn  Like huge sumo wrestlers circling each other, the insurance industry and the hospital industry are each fighting to protect their plans to consolidate, while combating the merger efforts of their opponent. Here’s what Anthem and CIGNA have … Continue reading

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