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On provider-insurer disputes, Connecticut residents spoke up and legislators listened

By Rosana Ferraro | A little-discussed bill passed the House and Senate this past legislative session that promises to help out people caught between two big health industry forces – an insurance company on one hand, and a large hospital … Continue reading

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WE DID IT! Full Restoration of Medicaid Cuts 

Guest blog by Geralynn McGee and Ann Pratt, co-chairs of the Medicaid Strategy Group | In the fall of 2017, the state legislature voted to decrease income eligibility for parents and caregivers in the Medicaid (HUSKY A) program, as well … Continue reading

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New Connecticut Law Targets High Prescription Drug Prices

By Jill Zorn | Which powerful industry is to blame for high prescription drug prices? Drug companies Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) Health insurance companies All of the above If you answered D. All of the Above, you are correct. Connecticut’s … Continue reading

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Help Push Law That Protects ACA Benefits Over the Finish Line

  The state legislature passed a bill that protects the benefits of the federal Affordable Care Act in Connecticut law. This is important because politicians in Washington, DC are finding ways to erode these protections. The bill passed with bipartisan … Continue reading

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Your Voices Were Heard: Health Care Wins in 2018

By Lynne Ide | Together we did it! As the clock struck midnight on May 9, health care activists and advocates walked away from the 2018 legislative session with a handful of important wins. Thanks go out to people from … Continue reading

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ACTION ALERT: There has been progress, and now we need you to call legislative leaders to restore HUSKY A!

The issue 13,000 low income working parents with HUSKY A (Medicaid) health care coverage will lose their coverage on January 1, 2019 if legislators don’t act by midnight on May 9. The current situation The latest versions of both parties’ … Continue reading

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ACTION ALERT: Tell our leaders – Restore Medicaid, there’s still time!

HELP SAVE MEDICAID!  CONTACT LEGISLATIVE LEADERS TODAY! We are seeing real progress on restoration of the two big Medicaid cuts made last fall — to the Medicare Savings Program and HUSKY A, and momentum is building! The current situation The … Continue reading

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