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We believe that health care is a fundamental right and that our work is part of a broader movement for social and economic justice.

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  2. Andrew Kuzyk says:

    August 02, 2016

    Will Women Take Trump Seriously In November?

    By Andrew Kuzyk

    The real question, will women vote for Trump in November? We are blindly driving down this dead end road of a man, who quite frankly isn’t fit to be president in shear terms of the basic abilities and mindset to accomplish the task. It’s not simply that it could be a person that Hilary Clinton could destroy electorally, but imagine if Hillary slips on a banana peel and this radical thinking individual actually were to become president?

    There it is: The only thing worse than electing Hillary Clinton president is the possibility of not electing Hillary Clinton president of the free World. As if to prove this point, Donald Trump staged a 95 minute meltdown apparently brought about by the incredible strain of making four campaign apprearances in four days. Trump said he would “bomb the s—” out of areas controlled by the Islamic State…He accused Hillary Clinton of “playing the woman’s card”, and stated Marco Rubio is “weak like a baby.”

    Trump signed a book for an audience member and then proceeded to throw it off the stage. He spent more than 10 minutes vehemently attacking his chief rival, Ben Carson, calling him “pathologically damaged” at one point. All but vanished was the candidate’s recent bout of composure and self control out on the campaign trail. An hour and 20 minutes into his speech, people who were standing enthusiastically on the risers behind Mr. Trump sat down. The applause came less and less as Trump speared Carson with deeply personal language, a complete sense of discomfort seemed to settle in on the crowd of 1,500 or so.

    Many people visibly shook their heads with angst or whispered to the people sitting beside them. Ben Carson wrote in his autobiography as a young man, he tried to stab a friend…only the blade was stopped by the friend’s belt buckle. Trump said he absolutely doesn’t believe Carson is telling the truth and further questioned how a mere belt buckle could stop a knife blade. He stepped away for a moment from the podium and acted out how he interpreted such a violent attack would occur, with his own belt buckle flopping around him.

    Despite all this, Ben Carson did quite well in the polls, Trump stated in disbelief. “How stupid are people?” Trump said. “How stupid are the people of this country to believe this “crap?” I recall many people wondering just how Donald Trump would handle things if the time came when he began slipping in the polls. I do believe we have our answer folks. It is simply way too much for his super sized ego to process, and the self discipline he has shown is utterly shattered. It is difficult to imagine how Trump would act if he ever had a genuinely stressful job, like, um, you know?

    For months now, all the other candidates have been simply shaking their heads and grumbling, “I’m actually losing to this guy?” Perhaps now Donald Trump knows just how they feel. You really can’t blame them for that. Trailing Trump is quite enough to force anyone to doubt their own personal sanity.~~

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