ACTION ALERT: Tell your Senators to vote YES: These four health care bills are ready to go!


There are four health care bills that have already passed the House, we just need the Senate to get them over the finish line and onto the Governor’s desk!

The four bills:

5210 – Putting ACA protections into Connecticut law
Learn more: Fact sheet on this bill 

5384 – Taking steps to fight rising prescription drug costs
Learn more: Article on this bill’s passage through the House

5383 – Protecting people from getting caught in the middle of hospital and insurer disputes
Remember when Hartford HealthCare and Anthem’s dispute hurt consumers?  This bill would help!

5463 – Exploring new ideas for affordable coverage for Connecticut residents
This bill would have the state study ways to make sure all Connecticut residents have access to quality, affordable health care coverage.

What can you do?

Call your State Senator this weekend and tell them to vote YES on these four critical health care bills.

If you can’t get through via phone, send an email!

Click here to Find Your State Senator and click their name to get their contact info


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