Matthew’s Story

Matthew 12-22I found out I had insulin-dependent diabetes when I was in high-school. Back then, it was lousy, but dealing with it was no big deal – my parents had insurance that covered the care I needed. When I went to college, though, things changed. I had some coverage through my college years, then, nothing. If I wasn’t working, I had no health insurance. No health insurance is not a great place to be if you are a diabetic. 

After graduating, I managed to find regular work with good insurance coverage. I had this for many years – until I suffered a series of strokes. Sadly, although I didn’t realize it immediately, this was the end of my working days. My memory, strength, and reflexes started to go rapidly downhill.

My health insurance was covered by long-term disability through my former employer. This covered my health care, although expensively, to a point. When that ran out, I suddenly had nothing. But with help from family and some community resources, I got onto the HUSKY program. I had regular aide visits to help manage my conditions.  I began to have a routine again – I began to feel like I was living life again.

I can’t say enough how much the HUSKY program meant to me, and how it let me feel like I had the support to live my life.

We need your help to ensure these services are available to all people that need it – people just like Matthew. Support the work of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut today. Every gift – $25, $50, any amount that is right for you – allows us to fight for access to quality, affordable care for all Connecticut residents.

Every penny will help.


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