Jordan’s Story

Jordan Dykstra - photo by Jonathan Sielaff“As a type-1 diabetic of 19 years and counting, I was denied health insurance in my mid-20s because, back then, diabetes was considered a pre-existing condition. As a result, I ran out of insulin and supplies twice but was fortunate enough to receive excess meds and supplies from 2 diabetics that had recently passed away: an uncle and a friend’s loved one.

Let me be clear, to say that I was “fortunate” to live because another diabetic had died was no easy pill to swallow.

This cycle felt repressive, unsustainable, and inhumane.

Although universal health care for all citizens is the ONLY just direction for a contemporary society, if large sections of the Affordable Care Act–such as the pre-existing condition direction in Part 5–are repealed, I will undoubtedly be subject to the denial of health insurance resulting in the inability to receive care and medicine, and an avalanche of crippling debt. I beg you to help provide the citizens of America this basic right: the right to live.”

Your support of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut helps make sure all people in our community have access to the care they need. 


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