ACTION ALERT: Call Your Legislators About Cuts Impacting Low-Income Elderly & People With Disabilities

We’ve written about the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) cut (one of the various cuts to Medicaid in the 2018-2019 state budget).  The MSP cut will affect an estimated 113,000 low-income elderly and people with disabilities.

The cut has garnered press coverage and legislators may have a special session to address these cuts (See this article in the Hartford Courant, this article in CT News Junkie, and this report on WTNH News8).

Here is this action alert as a PDF, if you’d like to print and share with others: Printable MSP Action Alert.

So what can you do?  Read below!


Are you on Medicare?

Did you get a notice from DSS saying you are losing your Medicare Savings Program (MSP) benefits (QMB, SLMB, ALMB) in January 2018 due to a program change?


Do you KNOW someone who is on Medicare and was told they are losing their MSP benefits?

You should know this is happening because of drastic cuts in the state budget that was just passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor in October 2017.

Take Action!

Call your State Representative & State Senator!
And encourage others to call their State Representative & State Senator!

Let them know how the cuts to the Medicare Savings Program will impact you, or the people you know or work with.
Your calls and e-mails make a difference!

To find out who your State Representative and State Senator are please call:
Or go here to Find Your Legislator

Once you know who they are, you can contact them by calling or emailing them.

Not sure what to say, or how to start?

  • Start with your name and the town you live in.
  • Let them know you are calling about “the most recent cuts made to the Medicare Savings Program in the state budget that was just passed.”
  • Tell them how these cuts will impact your life directly, or the people you know or work with. For example:
    • If you no longer have coverage for your 20% Medicare co-pays for doctor or therapist visits, and so won’t be able to go to some or all of your doctors or therapists anymore, tell them that.
    • If you will no longer have coverage for the $1,340 Medicare hospital deductible, so you will face a large bill if you have to be hospitalized, tell them that.
    • If you will no longer have coverage for your Medicare Part B premiums (which range from $104 to $134/month), and so will have to drop that coverage, let them know that.
    • Tell them what kind of choices you will be forced to make because of these cuts, for example, having to choose between the high co-pays for an essential medical service vs. heating your home.
  • End your call by urging your legislator to quickly fix these cruel and unfair cuts to your health care coverage (or the health care coverage of your loved ones, friends, or those you work with).
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