Advocates Call for Action to Protect Consumers in Insurer/Hospital Disputes

In response to the recent stalemate between Anthem and Hartford HealthCare, legislators held an informational hearing to explore options for legislative action in 2018.

“This situation that happened this fall is the direct result of increased consolidation in the [health care] industry in our state.  That is something that our state has allowed to happen. And therefore, we believe that the state does have a responsibility to step up and mitigate these kind of situations happening in the future.”

Lynne Ide, Director of Program & Policy at the Foundation, said this at yesterday’s public hearing about the Anthem & Hartford HealthCare dispute.  She is one of the first speakers on this WTNH News8 clip on the hearing.

Hartford HealthCare and Anthem’s contract expired on September 30, and the two corporations couldn’t come to an agreement on a new contract.  Without a contract, Anthem customers were left without in-network access to Hartford HealthCare hospitals, doctors, and other health services.

The dispute has been resolved, but legislators decided to hold the hearing anyway.

The Foundation, the Connecticut Office of the Healthcare Advocate, and Connecticut Citizen Action Group held a joint press conference on just this issue before the dispute was resolved.  Here’s a brief clip:

Ted Doolittle, the state Healthcare Advocate, also testified – and wrote a great op-ed for the Hartford Courant: Protect Patients Caught In Health Care Wars.

You can read the testimony submitted for this hearing here.

Here is some press on the hearing:

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