Michel’s Story

“We celebrate birthdays now,” exclaimed Claire, director of Canton’s senior/social services.


Things were very different a few months prior when Claire first knocked on Michel’s door.

“My blinds were shut, door locked and I didn’t want to see anyone, especially an upbeat person such as Claire,” says Michel. “My lung had collapsed and I was in a state of hopelessness and near panic as my attempts to breathe became extremely painful and laborious”.

Michel was taken to UConn Hospital where they discovered a large cancerous tumor on his lung. But Michel didn’t have health insurance. The debt from receiving treatment would be crushing.

Claire immediately submitted an application for Husky D, Connecticut’s Medicaid program. After being approved for coverage, treatment began. Michel endured aggressive rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and eventually a clinical trial of immunotherapy at UConn Cancer Center. The tumors got smaller. Michel’s life has been dramatically extended despite the stage IV status and an initial grim prognosis.

Your support of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut helps make sure these services continue to be available to people in our community like Michel.

Michel reflects, “I am extraordinarily fortunate for the Affordable Care Act, Canton Social Services, and UConn Cancer Center. In retrospect, it’s a testament to the programs and the people that took this disaster scenario and made it work. I would not be here otherwise. So, yes, we celebrate birthdays now.”


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