Lorelei’s Story

“My daughter, Lorelei, loved to play dress-up, Irish stepdance, and watch Barney the purple dinosaur.”


Then at age fourteen, she began experiencing intermittent and mysterious bouts of pain. We knew it was serious when she called out to us in the middle of the night from her bed – “I can’t move” she said. The pain was immense and paralyzing.

Eventually, Lorelei was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Her chronic condition is managed through infusion treatments every six weeks. If Lorelei could not afford treatments, she could not complete basic daily tasks. She would be unable to live her dream and have a productive life. Instead, she’d be suffering from the pain and debilitation.

Your support of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut helps make sure these treatments continue to be available and affordable.

Now, 23 years old, Lorelei is in college and working toward fulfilling her dream to become a registered dietician.

“Lorelei is probably one of the most courageous people I know. She never gives up. She has the biggest heart – she gets people,” Lorelei’s mom says with tears in her eyes.


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