Silver lining in a tough state budget

By Rosana G. Ferraro |

Team-Puzzle-PiecesIn a state budget riddled with health care cuts, there is one hopeful silver lining – the creation of a state Office of Health Strategy (here in the budget summary).

What is the Office of Health Strategy?

Connecticut has done and continues to do a lot of work to improve health and health care for residents – but this work has not always been coordinated.  The Office of Health Strategy is a promising step forward in addressing that.

Vicki Veltri, the state’s Chief Health Policy officer, explained the Office of Health Strategy (OHS) as responsible for “developing and implementing a comprehensive and cohesive health care vision for the state of Connecticut,” at a meeting this past Thursday.

OHS is the next, natural evolution for health care reform work in the state.  Other states that are making headway in transforming health care have similar state agencies tasked with health reform.

The Office of Health Strategy brings together a lot of the work that the state has already been doing to improve health care, including improving quality, making sure people have access to the health care they need, gathering important information to make decisions, changing how health care is paid for, and  focusing on improved health outcomes.

A consumer information website, originally under Access Health CT, is now one of the responsibilities of OHS.

This new office is promising, as it can serve to study and address important issues for health care consumers, including high health costs.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of progress and opportunities for input.

Four Things to Know About the Office of Health Strategy

  • Responsible for creating a comprehensive vision for health care in the state
  • Coordinates work the state is already doing so that Connecticut can be more effective at tackling health care challenges
  • Makes sure we have the data we need to make informed decisions
  • To be established by July 1, 2018

For more, check out our Fact Sheet: Why Connecticut Should Create an Office of Health Strategy

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