Defending health care – at the state level

By Rosana Garcia Ferraro

capital3“I think it’s immoral and unconscionable of the state legislature and the governor to allow this to happen,” Offir said. “Connecticut needs a budget but it shouldn’t be created by causing the death of its citizens.” via ctnewsjunkie

Jessica Offir is talking about the impact proposed Medicaid cuts may have on her and many like her who rely on a program called Medicare Savings – a state program which helps low-income seniors and people with disabilities like Jessica pay for care that Medicare doesn’t cover.

She traveled all the way to Hartford – despite her disabilities and fragile health – to tell her story at a press event organized by health care advocates to shine a light on the massive cuts to Medicaid that have been proposed at the state level to balance the budget.

You may remember Jonathan Miller, who told his story at a press event held back in March.  He would be affected by the cut to the same program Jessica was talking about on Tuesday.  This is what he has to say about this proposed cut:

Jonathan (Oct 2017 Quote).png

Closer look at the cuts:

Medicaid cuts proposed in budget negotiations and documents include:

  • Cutting 9,500 low-income parents from Medicaid (HUSKY A)
  • Dropping 68,000 low-income seniors and people with disabilities from the Medicare Savings Program Jessica was speaking about
  • Capping adult dental services to $1000 – which
  • Ending the Community First Choice program, which helps people stay at home
  • $20 million in cuts to the Medicaid expansion program (HUSKY D)
  • $2.2 million in cuts to the Medicaid program for children and parents (HUSKY A)

Read more about the moving stories told in this press conference:

Advocates Rush To Save Healthcare Programs For Low-Income Residents (CT NewsJunkie, 10/10/17)


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