Calling All Health Care Activists: Join Us at Oct. 14 Action Summit

By Lynne Ide 

Protect+Our+Care+CTA broad-based campaign called Protect Our Care CT came together earlier this year to protect positive gains made by the Affordable Care Act, block the erosion of Medicaid, women’s health and Medicare programs – and stand together for state and federal solutions that deliver on the promise of universal quality, affordable health care for everyone.

Activists and advocates across the nation have stopped the GOP-led efforts in Washington, DC to gut health care programs.  But we know they will keep at it.

In Connecticut, the persistent state budget crisis threatens Medicaid coverage, access to health services and public health programs that serve vulnerable individuals and families.

This is a marathon fight, not a sprint. And we need YOU to stand with us.

We are calling state health care activists, advocates and organizations that care about the fight for universal, quality, affordable health care to join together for a:

Health Care Action Summit on Saturday, October 14 from 8:45 am – 3:30 pm at Thomas Edison Middle School (1355 North Broad St.) in Meriden. Register here.

The day will start with a provocative morning plenary.  Jacob Hacker, director of the Institution for Social & Policy Studies at Yale University, an expert on the politics of U.S. health and social policy, will present his latest thinking on getting to universal health care.

Hacker’s presentation will be followed by a lively conversation with State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, Tekisha Everette (Health Equity Solutions), and Tim Foley (SEIU – CT State Council) – all moderated by Frances Padilla (Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut).

The lunch speaker is Wendy Fields, executive director of the national Democracy Initiative.  Fields, who started her organizing and advocacy career in Connecticut, will address the power and importance of grassroots organizing as a means for democratic change of our health care system.

The day will also feature ten workshop sessions (one block in the morning and one in the afternoon) on a variety of timely health care policy and skill building topics.

Please join us! Register today: Health Care Action Summit.

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