TODAY: Tell your state rep to stand up for health care!

We need the House to act on three bills by 11:59pm on Wednesday, June 7!

These three pro-consumer bills have passed the Senate.  Now we need the House to pass them without amendment.

More on the bills below – here’s what you can do TODAY:

  1. Email your state Representative today (Find your legislator here). Ask them to urge House leadership to call for a vote on these bills with no amendment.

Sample email message to send:

I’m a constituent writing to ask you to pass three bills that protect Connecticut residents against high health care costs (SB 445), protect women’s health coverage (SB 586), and promote better health (SB 126).  All three should be passed without amendments so that we don’t run out of time.  Connecticut residents can’t wait for you to protect them.  Please let me know what action you take on this.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  1. Call Speaker of the House Aresimowicz at (860) 240-8500 and Majority Leader Ritter at (860) 240-8585 and tell them you support these bills and you’d like them to be passed without amendment.


SB 445 – Pushes back against rising prescription drug costs and strengthens important health care consumer protections

  • Must be passed without amendment – any changes would weaken the critical health care consumer protections contained in the bill
  • Protects consumers from being overcharged for prescription drugs
  • Enables the Attorney General to bring anti-trust cases and pursue damages for consumers when it comes to prescription drugs
  • Expands surprise billing protections
  • Strengthens facility fee protections

Learn more: Our fact sheet on the issue | Our blog on the issue

SB 586 – Preserves women’s health gains

  • At a time when women’s health protections are threatened in Washington, DC, this bill ensures that these protections are part of Connecticut state law – so no matter what happens in Washington, women are protected!
  • These protections include access to contraception without co-payments
  • Also preserves other important reproductive health protections in the Affordable Care Act

Learn more: Fact sheet on the issue (from Planned Parenthood of Southern New England) | Our blog on the issue

SB 126 – An important first step for Community Health Workers (CHWs) in our state

  • CHWs are frontline public health workers who work in coordination with the health care system and community based organizations to improve access to health care and the overall health of patients and communities
  • CHWs improve health outcomes, decrease health disparities and advance health equity
  • CHWs are able to provide care outside the traditional health care setting and help people be healthier

Learn more: Fact sheet on the issue (from Health Equity Solutions) | Our blog on the issue

Thank you for your prompt action!  It is important that we all push our state leaders to protect the care of all Connecticut residents.

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1 Response to TODAY: Tell your state rep to stand up for health care!

  1. Joan Lane says:

    Have sent an e-mail to Rep. Kim Rose.

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