We can’t wait! Take action against high Rx costs!

Time is running out for the CT House of Representatives to pass important health care consumer protections!

Tell your State Representative and House Leadership to act this week!

Last week the Senate passed a bill, Senate Bill 445, that protects you from unfair and hidden health care costs.

We need your help to get this bill passed in the House before the legislative session ends on June 7.  Time is running out and patients and health care consumers can’t wait!

Tell your State Representative and House Leadership to pass Senate Bill 445 as written.

Senate Bill 445 is a bi-partisan effort that:

Pushes back against rising costs of prescription drugs

  • Protects patients from being overcharged for their prescription drugs when their co-pay is higher than the cost of the drug
  • Permits pharmacists to share more information with patients about the cost of their medication, including whether there are less expensive alternatives
  • Enables the Attorney General to file anti-trust lawsuits and recover damages on behalf of consumers who have been overcharged due to anti-competitive price fixing by drug corporations

Expands surprise billing protections

  • Includes laboratory services in surprise billing protections
  • Requires written consent when patients are receiving out-of-network services so patients have a clear understanding of the possible higher costs

Strengthens facility fee protections

  • Requires that facility fee notices include a telephone number for the patient to call to find out the fee
  • Requires that providers that charge a facility fee notify patients when they make an appointment

THREE phone calls you can make to help pass this bill:

  1. Call your state Representative (Find your legislator here), tell them to ask House Leadership to call for a vote on SB 445 as written and vote yes on the bill
  2. Call House Majority (Democratic) Leadership at (860) 240-8500 and tell them to bring SB 445 up for a vote
  3. Call House Minority (Republican) Leadership at (860) 240-8700 and tell them to bring SB 445 up for a vote

Don’t know who your Representative is? 

Click here to find your legislators and how to get in touch with them.

Want to know more about the bill?

Here’s our Fact Sheet on Senate Bill 445

Read Let’s eliminate the pharmaceutical ‘gag order’ that costs patients money (Op-ed in support of Senate Bill 445)

Read the Bill Summary on Senate Bill 445

Please let us know if you have contacted your State Representative and House Leadership on this important issue by emailing us at info@universalhealthct.org

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