Take Action Today! #CHW


You can take action today to help bring health care closer to the people it serves!

See below for an action alert from Health Equity Solutions concerning a bill in the state legislature about community health workers.

Community health workers (CHWs) are health care professionals who work with patients outside the doctor’s office. CHWs fill a wide range of roles, with one unified mission – to ensure that people have the supports they need to lead healthier lives. CHWs educate diabetes patients on diets that can help them stay healthy, ensure that people take their medications, coordinate care for those with chronic or complex conditions, are part of the communities they serve, speak to people in their own language, understand the culture of their patients, and so much more.

Learn more about community health workers:

Thank you for taking action today!

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Dear Health Equity Supporters,

We just received news that SB 126, An Act Concerning Community Health Workers (CHWs), could see action in the Senate as early as Wednesday May 3rd!

SB 126, if amended and passed, creates a statutory definition of community health workers and requires the Director of the State Innovation Model (SIM), in collaboration with the Department of Public Health, to examine the feasibility of certification in Connecticut. These are important steps toward full recognition of community health workers in our state and there is no new cost to the state!

We need your help:

Call your CT State Senator and Representative today in support of Community Health Workers! 

Quick Message Script to Your Legislators: Pass Senate Bill 126

Hi, my name is [insert name] and I am calling to ask you to support Senate Bill 126. SB 126 is an important step in advancing health equity by defining community health workers and examining how certification of CHWs would work in CT. The bill does not require any new spending in our state.

Not sure who to call or who your state Senator and Representative are? Use this Find Your Legislator tool to look up their name and then use the numbers below to make the call.

Senate Democrats: 860-240-8600 

Senate Republicans: 860-240-8800 

House Democrats: 860-240-8500 

House Republicans: 860-240-8700

Call Your State Senator and Representative, ask them to support Senate Bill 126!

Send HES any feedback you hear from your legislators by emailing us at info@hesct.org


Tekisha Dwan Everette, PhD

Executive Director 

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