Action Needed to Help Guide Our State’s Health Care Future

By Lynne Ide

capital3In this time of uncertainty in health care, it is even more important that our state is prepared to respond to existing and new challenges.  

Contact your state Senator and Representative. Urge them to support Senate Bill 795.  See this factsheet for info on the bill.

It’s Time for State Action

There has been a lot of focus on Washington, D.C. lately.  Rightly so, as Congress and the Trump Administration work to erode health care programs that millions of people count on.  Every week there seems to be a new administrative, legislative or legal action aimed at blowing up health care.

Where does that leave us in Connecticut?

There is much that a state can do to protect and open new doors to access to quality, affordable health care for its residents.  Federal action is putting more responsibility back on states to deal with health care.

Each state can help change its health care landscape to protect the people it serves. 

Message to CT Legislators: Pass Senate Bill 795

Senate Bill 795 is one example of action our state legislature can take to prepare Connecticut for the challenges ahead.  There are two key pieces of this bill: (Note: This bill does not require new state spending)

  • Create an Office of Health Strategy: Key responsibilities of this office include developing and implementing a cohesive health care vision for the state, and to coordinate planning, oversight and innovation in our complex health care landscape. Read our blog about that here.
  • Modernize the Certificate of Need Program: Updates the goals of CON (created in the 1970’s) to improve access and quality of health care services and contain costs by fostering a competitive environment in the health care market, and implement planning efforts aimed at promoting health equity and fulfilling unmet needs.  Read our blog about that here.

Call Your State Senator and Representative. Ask Them to Support Senate Bill 795:

Please let us know their response:

If you don’t know who your state Senator and Representative are, go to Find Your Legislator.

Senate Democrats: 860-240-8600

Senate Republicans: 860-240-8800

House Democrats: 860-240-8500

House Republicans: 860-240-8700

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