ACA Repeal and Replace Resurfaces

By Rosana Garcia

Less than two weeks from the announcement that the GOP and the President were “walking away” from repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, we hear that Vice President Pence presented a new health care offer to the Freedom Caucus.

While there is no drafted legislation, and few details, as far as we can tell, the latest changes would make the American Health Care Act (AHCA) worse, not better.

Remember AHCA would have had negative consequences for Connecticut (Read our blogs on it here and here).

The major changes being proposed?

Overnight, reports are that there is not enough support in the House to push for a vote this week.

The bottom line: repeal and replace is not dead, and the proposals are only getting worse.


  • Call your Representative in Congress (Don’t know who they are? Look it up here!)
  • Thank them for protecting our health care, and tell them to keep at it!
  • Tell them your health care story, and what these changes would mean for you.

Getting in touch with your Representative:

Rosa DeLauro: DC Office – (202) 225-3661 | New Haven Office – (203) 562-3718

Elizabeth Esty: DC Office – (202) 225-4476 | New Britain Office – (860) 223-8412

Jim Himes: DC Office – (202) 225-5541 | Bridgeport Office – (203) 333-6600 or (866) 453-0028 | Stamford Office – (203) 353-9400

Joe Courtney: DC Office – (202) 225-2076 | Norwich Office – (860) 886-0139 | Enfield Office – (860) 741-6011

John Larson: DC Office – (202) 225-2265 | Hartford Office – (860) 278-8888

This is why protecting people’s health care is so important.  This is Stuart’s story:

Protect Our Care Sign Up

For a deeper dive into recent events:

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