CT Rally Opposes Affordable Care Act Repeal

A View from the Ground

By Max Friedman


Close to a thousand people rallied outside the State Capitol in Hartford on January 15, less than a week before President-elect Donald Trump’s swearing in.

The crowd was excited to show its support for Connecticut’s congressional delegation for its strong stand against repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by Congress and the Trump administration.


Led by their congressional representatives, the crowd protested the plan to quickly repeal the ACA. After an introduction by Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal spoke, along with U.S. Representatives Rosa DeLauro, Joe Courtney, and Elizabeth Esty.

Senator Murphy urged everyone to keep fighting against repeal, “This is not inevitable, this is not a lost fight. This isn’t politics, this isn’t theory, this is people’s lives. If they get rid of the Affordable Care Act, you better believe they’re coming for Medicare, they’re coming for Medicaid, they’re coming for Social Security – this is where we draw the line in the sand.”


Jonathan Miller of Meriden shared his personal experience with the crowd. He said, “If you want to work through the Affordable Care Act and dismantle this…I want you to hear this from the bottom of my scarred, diseased lung. You will not hurt families – you will ruin families. You will kill people. The consequences will be fatal.”

Another speaker, Isabelle Endicott, described how the protections in the ACA saved her family from financial hardship when her son was born with a heart condition.

Also – check out Representative DeLauro’s rousing speech from the Hartford Courant.

The crowd was urged to keep up the fight against repeal of the ACA.

Please call or write to your Senators and Representative to let them know how important the ACA is to you and your family – and that it should be strengthened, not destroyed.

What you can do next:

  • Planned Parenthood Votes-CT is holding a rally and speak-out for Reproductive Freedom on Wednesday, January 18 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. You can join others speaking out for reproductive rights. Find out more here.
  • Reach out and contact your Members of Congress:

U.S. Senators

U.S. Representatives

If you are unsure who your Representative is, you can find out here.


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