Certificate of Need Task Force ends with little consensus

By Rosana Garcia


CON Task Force Meeting (Still from CT-N Recording)

On Monday, January 9th, the Certificate of Need Task Force met for the final time (you can see our prior blogs on the CON Task Force here).  Task Force members spent a bulk of the time discussing and voting on draft recommendations.

The drafted report stated that “After months of discussion it became clear that Task Force members would not achieve consensus opinion regarding revisions to the state’s CON program.  Therefore, Task Force staff developed a set of recommendations reflecting the varying options shared by members.  The Task Force agreed to vote on the presented options in order to gauge levels of support for each.”

In the end, the report that will go to Governor Malloy will present the various options discussed at the Task Force, and highlight the option that received the most votes—but also include options that at least one Task Force member voted to support.  The report (expected to be posted at the CON Task Force webpage by Friday, January 13th) will essentially include a menu of options for Governor Malloy’s consideration.

Despite a lack of consensus from the Task Force on exactly how or if to modify certain parts of the Certificate of Need program, one promising result of the Task Force is a proposed revision to the purpose and goal of CON:

Proposed Goals of the CON Program: To improve access to and quality of health care services and contain costs by fostering a competitive environment in the health care market and implementing statewide planning efforts aimed at promoting health equity and fulfilling unmet needs.


Once the Governor receives the report, it is still to be seen if any proposed legislation will be submitted to the General Assembly – and it is unknown what that legislation will look like.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on the next steps and keep you informed.

The meeting was recorded by CT-N and is available here.

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