Over 500 CT Residents Thank Our Senators for Standing Up for Health Care

By Max Friedman

250214_20130326_connecticut_state_4.jpgLast week, the new Congress was sworn in, and it quickly began to lay the groundwork to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and make harmful changes to Medicare, Medicaid and women’s health care services.

Our U.S. Senators, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, have been among the leading voices in Congress fighting against this plan.

Last Friday, the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut sent the Senators a list of over 500 state residents who signed a petition that read:

We would like to thank you for standing with the people of Connecticut and committing to protecting our health care. We appreciate you fighting against those who want to destroy the health care programs we all count on.

Some signers spoke about how the ACA is important to them and their friends and family:

  • A Tolland resident wrote, ‘Everyone deserves quality health care. Don’t put lives at risk by eliminating the ACA. Instead make the ACA better and more inclusive.’
  • Another in Lebanon said, ‘The ACA has enabled so many previously uninsured to obtain insurance no matter any pre-existing conditions. Any changes to the ACA should keep this benefit intact.’
  • A third from Harwinton stated, ‘I have a preexisting condition and am self-employed. Without the ACA I will be unable to obtain insurance. The possibility that I lose everything I have worked so hard for due to an unexpected illness is a real and terrifying possibility.’

These heartfelt testimonials on the importance of this law and the protections it offers are essential to remember as we fight to keep and strengthen these valuable healthcare programs.

You can write or call your representative in Congress to make your voice heard. Below is a list of Connecticut’s congressional delegation:

US Senators

US Representatives

If you are unsure who your Representative is, you can find out here.

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