2017 CT Legislative session opens; health care one of many issues

capital3By Rosana Garcia

The 2017 Connecticut General Assembly session began yesterday.  This is a budget session, where legislators put together a budget for the next biennium (2017-2019) and the session runs until June 4.  Here’s a primer of what to know, and “there are no shortage of issues for lawmakers to address in 2017” (Stuart, Jan 3, CTNewsJunkie).

Against the backdrop of the budget, there is likely to be important health care issues discussed.  A preview of potential health-related issues is here: Five health care stories to watch in the 2017 legislative session (Levin Becker, Jan 3, CT Mirror).

The first day is often a flurry of activity (check out some snapshots).  Senators Kane and Coleman resigned shortly before the session opened (and their open seats are already being sought by Representatives McCrory and Berthel), the Senate ushered in a historic era of an even split on party lines, the Governor gives his State of the State address (speech, video), and more and even more.

You can check out CT-N Coverage of Opening Day.  They also have archived the House of Representatives’ Opening Day, the Senate’s Opening Day, and the Opening Day of the Joint Session.

For health care, this session also coincides with a shift at the federal level, which intersects with state budget concerns.  Proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare and women’s health affect the state’s bottom line, if federal funds are reduced–as well as impact residents’ health and healthcare.

There are challenges ahead, and we’ll be right there, fighting for an equitable, accessible, affordable health care system for all Connecticut residents.

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