The doors are still open: Access Health CT enrollment continues

By Rosana Garcia

open doors

If you are one of the 100,000 Connecticut residents who use Access Health CT to get coverage, you might be wondering about all the proposed changes you’ve been hearing about in the news, after the election.

The short answer: Enroll or re-enroll for coverage.

Despite the legitimate concerns about changes to health insurance with a new administration coming to the White House in January, nothing has changed yet.  The laws in effect prior to the election still stand—including the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that

  • Allow individuals to get insured via Access Health CT and receive financial help if they are eligible (see here for more on that)
  • Mandate all individuals have health insurance coverage, unless they qualify for an exemption

From an Access Health CT press release:

AHCT CEO James Wadleigh would like to also remind Connecticut residents that currently, there are no changes to the law. “If you have health insurance through the exchange, you are still covered. If you don’t, we encourage you to reach out and enroll now.

Changes in health care may well be coming, but for now, enrolling or re-enrolling in coverage is still available.  And since the future is unclear, using your coverage now and in 2017 may be a good bet in this uncertain time.

We have written about the challenges Access Health CT is facing.  We know that premiums may be unaffordable for those who qualify for very little financial help, or don’t qualify for help at all, on the exchange.

We also know, though, that roughly 75% of those who enrolled in coverage via Access Health CT receive some kind of financial help.  Access Health CT also has helped to enroll/re-enroll over 22,000 CT residents on HUSKY/Medicaid programs.

There is no doubt that changes to the Affordable Care Act will have deep impacts on Connecticut – and we will be watching out for CT residents as we move into a time of change.

Important dates you should know:

  • Enroll in coverage by December 15, 2016 so that you are covered started January 1, 2017.
  • The last day of Open Enrollment in January 31, 2017.

More info:

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