How Does Your Health Plan Stack Up? Check Out CT’s 2016 Consumer Report Card 

By Lynne Ide

2016-cid-report-cardHere at Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, we hear a lot of stories from people about the cost and quality of their health care plans.

Most of the time, people struggle with these problems in a vacuum and never get a chance to find out how their experience compares with others – or if anything can be done about the problems they face.

Now there’s a tool that may help.

The Connecticut Insurance Department released its 2016 Consumer Report Card today and it is more comprehensive and user-friendly.  You can check it out here (there is a PDF version, online flipbook version, and a text-only version).

betterpage1ishofcidreportcard2016The new, expanded report card offers everyday people, advocates and policymakers a graphic snapshot of consumer experience with their health plans.  It illustrates successes and gaps in our state’s health care marketplace – and helps us all focus on opportunities for improvement.

So, check it out.  Find out how your health plan stacks up and share the Report Card with others.

As the old saying goes – Information is power.

Images in this post are from the 2016 Consumer Report Card on Health Insurance Carriers in Connecticut.
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