Health Care Cabinet will be seeking public input on recommendations

hcc-10-11-2016-pic-1By Rosana Garcia

The Health Care Cabinet met again yesterday, moving closer and closer to finalizing the recommendations they will send to the legislature in their report.

The meeting (materials here) focused on addressing two of the original six strategies proposed by Bailit Health consultants, continuing the conversation from the September 13th meeting.

The Cabinet also discussed alternative proposals that had been submitted by Cabinet members and others.  The Foundation’s response and recommendations are here.

So what’s next?  At yesterday’s meeting, the following timeline was laid out.

  • The Cabinet will meet again on November 1st to vote on a preliminary set of recommendations to be included in their report to the legislature
  • Public input on these preliminary recommendations will be the focus of a meeting on November 15th
  • After public input has been given, and any other suggestions put forward, the final recommendations and report will be voted on at the December 13th meeting

A lot was discussed yesterday; here are some highlights:

  • Ben Barnes (Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management) expressed concerns about pharmaceutical prices, as those prices are rising fast and strain the state budget
  • Pat Baker (President of the Connecticut Health Foundation) emphasized that is important to focus on health care quality and outcomes, not just cost, and to keep in mind health disparities – a sentiment that was echoed by others
  • The ability for the state to have capacity to access and analyze data on health care prices, quality and outcomes seems to be an important aspect of making evidence-based decisions moving forward
  • The Cabinet has been considering what the State Innovation Model (SIM) is working on in changing the way we pay and deliver health care, and how to build on that (SIM’s latest Work Stream Update is here)

There are a lot of issues and elements to the Cabinet’s impending report.  Interested in hearing the whole conversation?  Go to the October 11, 2016 Health Care Cabinet Meeting recording on CT-N.

Our previous blogs on the Health Care Cabinet’s work:

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