Health Care Cabinet dives deeper, considers input into health care proposal

By Rosana Garcia

stock-photo-14866230-golden-dome-of-the-state-capitol-building-hartford-connecticutLast week the Health Care Cabinet met on September 13 to dig deeper into a discussion of the health care cost containment and quality improvement reforms that they will recommend to the Connecticut General Assembly in a report due on December 1, 2016.  This effort, mandated by a 2015 omnibus health care bill, has been the major work of the Cabinet this year.

A team of consultants from Bailit Health has been guiding the Cabinet’s work.  The consultants presented their initial “straw model” proposal at the Cabinet’s July meeting.  You can see our blog that breaks down the proposal here.

At last week’s meeting Bailit Health presented a somewhat revised proposal, organized around clearly stated goals and listing some of the suggestions for changes that had already been received.  After hearing from several members of the public, the Cabinet dove into a systematic discussion of the proposal.

Now that there is an actual proposal on the table, stakeholders and consumer advocates are beginning to speak up, sharing their concerns and their suggestions for change.  The discussion is happening outside of the Cabinet meeting, too, as shown by this CT News Junkie article.

The official deadline for submitting public comment and alternative proposals is tomorrow, September 21, 2016.  Another option is to give public comment at the beginning of the next meeting of the Cabinet, scheduled to begin at 9:00 am on October 11th at the Legislative Office Building, Room 1D.

To submit: Email Victoria Veltri (at, the new Chief Health Policy Advisor for Lt. Governor Wyman, and Megan Burns (at, one of the Bailit consultants working on this project.


Resource Links

CT-N Recording of the September 13, 2016 Health Care Cabinet meeting

Health Care Cabinet webpage, with all the materials, presentations, agendas, meeting minutes, memos, briefs, comments and more related to the Cost Containment Study.  Comments received to-date have been posted under the September 13 meeting date.  Memos from the consultants clarifying some of the policy issues in the proposal and other resource materials are posted there, too.

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