Sign the Petition: Stop Big Insurers From Walking All Over Us

Sign the Petition

We need you to call on Governor Malloy to stop Anthem & Cigna from walking all over us.

shoe trust.pngBig health insurers Anthem and Cigna want to merge.  If they succeed, the new Anthem behemoth will control 1.5 million covered lives in Connecticut – or 64% of the health insurance market.

The money and influence trail between our state’s lead insurance regulator, Insurance Commissioner Katharine Wade, and the two big companies in the proposed merger, Anthem and Cigna, has tainted the approval process.

A revealing story appeared in the International Business Times that puts Commissioner Wade’s deep conflicts in the spotlight.  There is no way the consumers of this state can feel confident that their interests are being protected.

Here are just a few highlights from the story:

  • “Wade was a longtime Cigna lobbyist whose father-in-law works at a law firm that lobbies for the company, whose mother and brother previously worked at Cigna, and
    whose husband still does.”
  • “In September, a conservative group called the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust filed a complaint with state ethics regulators, alleging that Wade was violating the state’s ethics laws by being involved in the regulatory review of the Cigna merger.”katiewade488cs320_488_261_99.jpg
  • “For her part, Wade has already proven to be merger-friendly: In January, her department approved a controversial deal to combine Connecticut-based Aetna with Humana. Wade’s agency only announced that move last week, and its approval came without Connecticut regulators holding a public hearing on the matter — a move that drew scathing criticism from consumer and physician groups.”

We are calling on Governor Malloy to ask Commissioner Wade to resign immediately.

Once Commissioner Wade steps down, Connecticut should start fresh with a new review of the Anthem-Cigna merger that is free of conflict, transparent and open to real public input.

This isn’t the first time consumers have been left out. 

It was recently revealed that our state’s Insurance Department gave a backroom nod of approval with no public input to the proposed merger between two other insurance giants, Aetna and Humana.

Don’t let this bad behavior continue. PLEASE JOIN US AND SIGN THE PETITION TODAY

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