April 2016 Access Health CT Board of Directors Meeting

1004895_526115117456586_1489496477_nAccessHealth CT Board hears news of Special Enrollments, 2017 Plans

By Max Friedman 

The Board of Directors of AccessHealth CT met for their monthly meeting this morning, receiving an update on the latest enrollment figures, as well as plans going forward for the next few years. The Board also discussed proposed eligibility verification plans for special enrollment periods.

Some highlights:

  • As of Monday, April 18, 105,347 people were enrolled in Qualified Health Plans through AccessHealth CT. This is a decline of 9.2% since the end of open enrollment, and there was a 2% shift from subsidized to unsubsidized enrollment, if people failed to submit necessary documentation to qualify for tax credits.
  • Out of 116 thousand members at the end of open enrollment, 18.8 thousand cancelled coverage or had it terminated, while 7,983 new customers have signed up.
  • Of those losing coverage, 20% failed to verify necessary information, 53% didn’t pay their premiums, 10% requested that their plan be cancelled, and 12% qualified for Medicaid coverage.
  • The exchange has been receiving around 3,100 new enrollments each month though special enrollment periods. Loss of coverage was the main reason for people to enroll outside of open enrollment. 37% of those who signed up in a special enrollment period previously had Medicaid coverage. How the exchange handles people coming off of Medicaid has been a big issue, and will continue to be, as more Medicaid cuts are in the works as the state tackles a budget crisis.
  • Yesterday, UnitedHealthcare announced that it was pulling out of the exchange in 2017. While this may have a large impact in other states where they had a larger share of the individual exchange market, it is not expected to have a deep impact in Connecticut, where United covered around 1.6% of people enrolled in QHPs. CEO Jim Wadleigh said that he is regularly in contact with other health insurance carriers to discuss the possibility of them offering plans on the exchange, but that in 2017, customers would be offered plans from three carriers, ConnectiCare, Anthem, and HealthyCT.

The next meeting will be in May, where we may see further plans on ensuring that people losing Medicaid coverage will be smoothly transitioned to private coverage, enrollment plans for 2017, and further work on long-term planning by the exchange.


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