Malloy’s Certificate of Need Task Force Starts Its Work


By Rosana Garcia

checkered-307567_960_720Yesterday afternoon was the first meeting of the Governor’s Certificate of Need (CON) Task Force.  This task force was created by Governor Malloy’s Executive Order 51, which also put a stop to Yale New Haven Health System’s attempt to acquire Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London.  You can read an account of the meeting here, at the New Haven Register.

The executive order also halted Hartford Health Care’s potential purchase of Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington.

The members of the task force, led by chair Lt. Governor Wyman, assembled in the Legislative Office Building, representing consumers, hospitals, health policy experts, state agencies, unions and providers.  This first meeting focused on briefings.  Kim Martone, from the Office of Health Care Access (OHCA), discussed their current CON process (see here), which regulates changes to some health care services in the state.  Chris Levine, from the Department of Social Services, presented on the CON process for nursing homes and long-term care facilities (see here).

Task force members had a lot of questions for both Martone and Levine.  The lively discussion is a preview of what’s to come in the next months as the task force gets down to business.  They have until December 1 of this year to deliver recommendations to the Governor on improvements or changes to the CON program.

Interested in a deeper dive into this?  Here are some links:

The New Haven Register reports on the CON Task Force’s first meeting here.

You can watch the entire CON Task Force’s meeting here (it was recorded by CT-N).

Scroll down on the CON Task Force page to see all the documents from this meeting, including OHCA’s presentation, DSS’ presentation, a brief history of the CON program, and an independent assessment of OHCA’s CON program conducted in 2014.

We previously blogged on this issue: Malloy steps into “Wild West” of hospital deals

The CT Mirror wrote about the executive order, and hospitals’ reaction.

This blog post was updated to include the New Haven Register article on the meeting.

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