March Access Health CT Board of Directors Meeting 

By Max Friedman 



During their monthly meeting, Access Health CT  Board of Directors heard updates on outreach and enrollment from exchange staff and discussed ways to ensure continuity of coverage and care for those enrolled.

Here are some highlights: 

  • As of the beginning of February, the 2016 Open Enrollment period had 116,019 people enrolled in Qualified Health Plans (QHP) in the exchange.
  • Over 79,000 were existing active customers, 17,000 were repeat customers who had previously been enrolled but weren’t at the start of open enrollment, and over 19,000 were brand new customers who were without coverage at any point in the previous six months before open enrollment.

Here’s the breakdown of QHP enrollment by insurance carrier: 

  • ConnectiCare has the largest share of QHP enrollees at 53.23%, a 10% increase of the share from last year.
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield covers 33.34%.
  • HealthyCT covers 11.83%.
  • UnitedHealthcare has 1.60%.
  • Unsurprisingly, ConnectiCare had the lowest premiums, while UnitedHealthcare had the highest. This is to be expected for such a price-sensitive population.

The Summary of Enrollment by Metal Level 

  • Platinum-1.35% of QHPs
  • Gold-12.07%
  • Silver-61.50%
  • Bronze-23.30%
  • Catastrophic- 1.78%. These plans are only available for those under 30, and are not eligible for financial assistance.

The breakdown of financial assistance for purchasing QHP coverage: 

  • 51.47% receive an Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) and Cost Share Reduction (CSR), which are only available on Silver plans.
  • 26.64% receive only an APTC.
  • 21.89% receive no financial assistance.
  • The vast majority (83.42%) of those enrolled did so by January 1, with 9.54% doing so by February, and 7.04% by the beginning of March.
  • The average monthly premium in 2016 is $511.91, which drops to $197.60 after accounting for the APTC. This represents a 4.4% average premium increase from last year, of $21.43, though those who shopped around for a different plan during open enrollment saw an average increase of 2.3%, or $12.08 per month.

You can see the full presentation from today’s meeting here.

The next meeting will be in April, when we should hear updates on preparations for 2017 and other required benchmarks.

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