Health Care Topics to Watch for in 2016…

telescopeThe following topics were prominent in 2015 and should be watched as we enter 2016.

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Hospital Consolidation

Hospital Merger Mania Continues…

Insurance Industry vs. Hospital Industry: Who Should Consumers Believe?

New Report Raises Concerns Over Hospital Consolidation in Connecticut

Insurance Mergers

Insurer “Merger Mania” Hurts Us

Congress Gears Up for Hearings on Health Insurance Mergers

Connecticut Consumers Likely to be Squeezed by Insurer Mergers


CT Back in the Forefront of Health Reform

How Will CT’s New Health Care Law Affect Me?

Taking Stock of Cost and Quality

New Certificate of Need Rules for CT

State Budget Battle and Its Impact on Medicaid and Health Care Access

Balanced Budget Should ≠ Disruption of Health Care

Health System Gains Are Lost in Governor’s Budget

Health Care Takes Hit in Malloy’s Budget

Update on Health & The State Budget

Patients Are the Losers in Governor/Hospital Budget Fight


A Down-to-Earth Approach to Health Care Reduces Sky-High Costs

Senators Target Rising Prescription Drug Prices

Health Insurance Rates Should Factor in Affordability

Feds Take Action on Unexpected Medical Fees

Population Health

Poverty, Housing & Population Health- OH MY!

In Sickness and In Health…

Holding Hospitals Accountable for Improving Community Health

All Policy is Health Policy

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