Sparking Bold Action to Change Health Care

By Lynne Ide 

R2T202015Connecticut may be known as “The Land of Steady Habits,” but when it comes to better health and ready-access to quality, affordable health care, many say that mindset must change.

On October 29, Universal Health Care Foundation of CT and its parent foundation, CHART, hosted a summit on the topic of sparking bold action to transform our state’s health and health care landscape.

The premise of the day was that doing a good job implementing the Affordable Care Act is important, but its not enough. With the federal government deadlocked on health care, states must take the lead on innovative change to deliver on the promise of health care that is people-centered, financially sustainable, effective, enables good health, and takes care of us when we need it.

The day started with a call to action video that included a wide range of community perspectives on why we still need to work together to “fix” our health care system.  A provocative opening address followed by theologian and ethicist, Rev. Efrain Agosto, PhD, proclaiming that health care is a human right and a public good.

The morning also featured two panels of experts from across the country from states and organizations that are leading health care change efforts.  The first panel focused on government-led efforts with speakers who have done work in Oregon, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  The second focused on collaborative, cross-sector approaches to health system change with speakers from the Colorado philanthropic community, a national health care-focused community development financial institution, and a national network of regional health care improvement collaboratives.

We then asked summit attendees – 125 people representing consumers, health care professionals, business, hospitals, government, labor, and advocacy organizations – to work in small groups to help raise up key areas of action for Connecticut.

The Foundation sees October 29 as the start of a process that will help set the course for real change here in the “Land of Steady Habits.”

It’s time for us to spark bold action.  We all deserve better from our health care system.

UHCF has begun posting videos, policy papers and key takeaways from the Summit on its website.  Please check out the resources and let us know what you think. 

Do you have ideas that you’d like to share?  Are you interested in getting involved in working for change?  Contact us at:

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