An Urgent Checklist for Medicaid Recipients

By Stephanye R. Clarke


This week, the legislation that created Medicare and Medicaid was celebrated across the nation and throughout the state. Much has been written about Medicaid, including a myth-busting op-ed by Kate McEvoy, Medicaid Director at the Connecticut Department of Social Services.

In the most recent legislative session, Connecticut made some changes that impact how or if people will be able to maintain their HUSKY Health insurance coverage. The breakdown in changes can be found in this CT Mirror article, which states that in the first wave of Medicaid changes, “1,350 parents who don’t have earned income would lose coverage Aug. 1.”

1,350 Connecticut residents will soon receive a letter from Access Health CT (robo calls and post cards will also be used) explaining that they are no longer eligible for HUSKY A coverage. They need to act swiftly to apply for health care insurance to avoid disruption in their treatment and care.

Be sure to go through this checklist!

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