King v. Burwell is Decided, Now What?

By Max Friedman 

CaptureLast Thursday, the Supreme Court voted 6 to 3 to uphold the premium subsidies and cost sharing reductions in the Affordable Care Act for residents of states using the federal health care exchange.

Since the decision, much has been written about the case and where health care reform goes from here. There’s a lot out there, so we’ve created a guide to help you put the ruling into context.

  • Vox provides a helpful flash card deck summarizing the case and what we avoided with last week’s decision.
  • Ron Pollack of Families USA writes in Health Affairs that King v. Burwell is a turning point for health care reform and describes what comes next.
  • Henry Aaron of the Brookings Institution writes about what the healthcare landscape will be when the next president takes office in 2017.
  • Ben D’Avanzo and Claire McAndrew of Families USA wrote a guest blog for the Alliance for Justice, highlighting some other needed improvements to our health care system.
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