Changes are Coming for Access Health CT  

By Rosana Garcia


Between action taken in the 2015 legislative session and at the May 28 Board of Director’s meeting, here are some highlights from Access Health CT:

1) AHCT voted to raise assessments on insurers to ensure fiscal sustainability, from 1.35 percent to 1.65 percent for 2016—which, new Insurance Commissioner Katharine Wade pointed out, may trigger insurance companies to refile rate requests with the CT Department of Insurance (previously filed rates here)

2) In the recently passed SB 811 (a bi-partisan health care omnibus bill), AHCT now has the responsibility to build a consumer health information website to provide information on quality, price and cost of health care services

3) In the budget implementer concerning public health and human services (HB 7062), AHCT is now able to establish subsidiaries to bring in revenue by, for example, selling services to other states

4) AHCT announced today that they will be launching a summer outreach program, with booths/tables at concerts, parades and festivals throughout the state (check out @GetActiveCT on Twitter or AHCT on Facebook for more info)

More details, if you’re interested…

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