“Better Choices” for the CT State Budget 

By Lynne Ide 

CaptureBetter Choices for CT, a broad coalition, has offered up state budget solutions for several years.  They advocate that Connecticut needs a budget that protects critical services and invests in the future of our families and communities.

The group argues that wholesale budget cuts are unnecessary and that balanced, fair alternatives are a better investment in our state’s future.  State budget shortfalls could be eliminated by:

  • marginal increases in state tax rates for high-income households
  • elimination of some tax expenditures (breaks), such as recreation and amusement services

An Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy analysis of the combined state and local tax burden for non-elderly taxpayers shows that:

  •  The top 1% (income over $1,331,000) pay 5.3% of household income
  •  The middle 20% (income between $46-76,000) pay 10.7% of household income
  •  The lowest 20% (income below $25,000) pay 10.5% of household income

As we near June 3, the end of the 2015 legislative session, resolution of the state budget remains a major roadblock for the passage (or demise) of many worthy proposals.

Will Gov. Malloy and the legislature agree to adopt new revenues in order to preserve vital programs?

Remember, one program on the chopping block is HUSKY health care coverage (Medicaid) for over 30,000 people.  The Governor proposed the cut, the Appropriations Committee restored the funding – and now it all comes down to the budget “deal.”

NOW is the time for taxpayers to weigh in with Governor Malloy and state legislators.  Pick up the phone and weigh in on our future today.

Contact Gov. Malloy

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