A New Way for Patients to “Share the Pain”

By Max Friedman 

CaptureDo you ever feel alone and frustrated when dealing with the health care system?  Well, there are many others like you.

Patients know their own problems, and those of people close to them, but have had no outlet for sharing ways to change the system.

Up until now, at least.

The New York Times has started a Facebook group, Paying Till It Hurts, stemming from reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal’s past series on managing health care treatment and costs.  Anyone can post their own experiences with the system, and share their ideas on how to transform it into a patient-centered one that works for everyone.

Participants discuss what parts of health care reform are working, highlight where improvements still need to be made, and point out where we’ve fallen further behind.  In one recent post, one of our own staffers, Rosana Garcia, joined a conversation about quality care guidelines.

It’s a great source not just of personal stories, but of health news and from other publications like NPR, Kaiser Health News, and local news sources around the country.  Forums like this can help ordinary people unite and spread the word about the importance of constantly working to improve our health care system.

Check out Paying Till It Hurts on Facebook today, and join the national conversation on shifting our health system.

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