Get Up to Speed on State Budget Proposals

stock-photo-14866230-golden-dome-of-the-state-capitol-building-hartford-connecticutThe governor, the Democrat-controlled Appropriations Committee and Republicans have now all released their proposed budgets – making it difficult to keep track of the significant cuts and proposals floating around.

To help you understand where the process is now and how health care is involved in the negotiations, here are three articles that will catch you up to speed.

The governor and legislators will now negotiate a final deal, so knowing what is being debated and having your voice heard now is vital.

Use this interactive tool to compare all three proposed budgets. You can view the significant proposed cuts and tax increases in each proposal and learn about each item in more detail.

What is this debate about the “spending cap” you keep hearing? This article explains why this is important this year, as well as outlines the Appropriations Committee’s proposal in more detail. The impact on Medicaid is also covered in this story.

Here’s an Op-Ed from Bill Cibes, former head of the Office of Policy and Management under Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr., which explores the spending cap.

Look for more about all of this in our May 1 blog.

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