Why You Should Attend Reform to Transform Spring 2015… #R2T

By Stephanye R. Clarke, self-proclaimed #PublicHealthGeek


Recently, I have written blogs about everything from Black Men’s Health to connecting poverty and housing to good health.

Our next Reform to Transform forum event goes a step further — on Wednesday, April 29, we will explore how connecting comprehensive, affordable, quality clinical care with community/social support can and will improve population health. Integrating the two in meaningful, sustainable ways, is the perfect combination for better health.

It is possible, however, that I may have not yet convinced you to join us at the forum or be part of ongoing conversations/planning to really make Connecticut one of the healthiest states.

So here is a short list of articles and videos I believe will prompt you to do both.  Like I said in a previous blog, this forum is a chance for all who are engaged in keeping Connecticut healthy to gather and discuss a blueprint for working together.

Hope to see you there! Happy reading/viewing.


Dr. Elizabeth Bradley, keynote speaker, discusses her work here:

Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?—Place Matters Episode. This brief snippet explores how social environment, neighborhood conditions and stress impact health options and outcomes.

Your voice is needed in health care policy.


A USA Today article connecting, not replacing, community-level programming and research to medical care for better health results.

A Connecticut Health Investigative Team article about racial & ethnic disparities in CT hospital readmissions.

A Connecticut Health Investigative Team article about diabetes disparities in Connecticut.

A PR Web article about a health department and school of medicine teaming up to improve community health.

Click on the flyer below to register:

April29 ReformToTransform Forum-REG

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