Public Hearing Grapples with Health Care Challenges 

By Lynne Ide,

Here’s a quick rundown of a very active week in Hartford:

March 11: The legislature’s Public Health Committee held a hearing on close to a dozen bills that take on an array of issues challenging our state’s current health care “system.”

March 12: Now the Public Health Committee needs to figure out how all the pieces fit together and pass along a bill (or bills) for consideration in the Senate and House.

March 13: We are left hoping the legislature heeds the call of those who testified on March 11 that we need to pull many of the ideas together into one omnibus bill.

Check out Universal Health Care Foundation’s video and written testimony.

The inception of a number of the bills being considered on March 11 was the work of the ad hoc Bipartisan Roundtable on Hospitals and Health Care.  Senate President Pro Tempore, Martin Looney, and Senate Minority Leader, Len Fasano, spearheaded the Roundtable.

The two introduced a package of bills in response to what they learned.

In a rare bipartisan moment, Looney and Fasano held a joint press conference and testified together on March 11.  Their presentation is well worth a look.

Our state legislature should seize this opportunity to take the long view and consolidate the best ideas into legislation that resists piecemeal, short-term solutions.  Instead, as Foundation president Frances Padilla testified: Connecticut needs “a bold, compelling vision for health and health care that can favorably benefit the state’s people and economy well beyond today.”

Legislators, we’re hoping you’ll heed the call.

Read our upcoming blog on March 17 for highlights of the different testimony presented on March 11.

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