Supreme Court Case Could Change the Affordable Care Act

By Rosana Garcia

Silver or Platinum gavelOral arguments will begin on Wednesday in the historic King v. Burwell case, and it could result in a major change to the Affordable Care Act.

In preparation, some trusted organizations have released helpful briefs and analyses of the potential impact of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the plaintiff (King).

First, a quick refresher.

King v. Burwell is being heard at the U.S. Supreme Court and is contesting the legality of the subsidies individuals receive to help cover health insurance via federally-facilitated state exchanges.  Remember, this would not directly affect Connecticut because we run our own exchange.  But, these recent briefs and analyses below demonstrate how our state could be indirectly impacted.

– Read our previous blog post (by Jill Zorn) for more on the case.

– Sarah Kliff at Vox writes If SCOTUS kills Obamacare subsidies, Republicans don’t have an exit strategy

– Kaiser Family Foundation speculates about Insurance markets in a post-King world

– The Commonwealth Fund has four blogs on King v. Burwell, focuses on what a subsidy shutdown could mean for…

– The Urban Institute has three papers on the subject, plus a rebuttal of criticism from the Heritage Foundation:

  • What could happen to insurance coverage and premiums? (Page | PDF)
  • Who would be affected by a finding for the plantiff? (Page | PDF)
  • How would a ruling for the plaintiff affect health care spending? (Page | PDF)
  • Response to the Heritage Foundation’s Criticisms of the Urban Institute’s King v. Burwell Analyses (Page | PDF)
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