Connecticut Must Preserve a Process for Buying Hospitals

Tent - Waterbury Hospital dealWith the news that Tenet may return to the negotiating table with Governor Malloy over the purchase of Waterbury Hospital and four other hospitals, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut calls on state leaders to preserve an open and clear legal and regulatory process for companies who wish to buy hospitals.

When Tenet pulled its application to buy five non-profit hospitals last month, it was in the middle of a public and transparent process that included many stakeholders and members of the affected communities.  If Tenet is allowed to return to the state and circumvent or cut through the state’s established public process, it will create a dangerous precedent.

“We are in uncharted territory,” said Frances Padilla, president of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut. “Tenet, or any company looking to buy a hospital, must follow rules and go through a process that is in the public eye. If we as a state abandon due process, it could lead to deals that do not benefit the public and could be potentially harmful.”

Universal Health Care Foundation believes that state leaders must stand by existing legal and regulatory processes that govern hospital conversions.

“The Foundation urges state leaders to see the magnitude of these deals and their implications for the future of Connecticut’s hospitals and the communities they serve,” Padilla said. “Use this moment as a catalyst for meaningful and lasting polices that will ensure a hospital care system that meets the needs of Connecticut residents well into the 21st century.”

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