Must-Read Series by the CT Mirror on Childhood Trauma

Credit: CT Mirror

Credit: CT Mirror

What are the long-term effects of childhood trauma? What is toxic stress? What does it mean for mental and physical health? What does science tell us that can help craft smart health care policy?

The CT Mirror addresses these questions and more in a running a series on childhood trauma and toxic stress this week (click here for the landing page, with links to all the parts of the series as they become available).

Arielle Levin Becker tackles the topic in a four-part series that examines the problem, intervention, prevention, and recognition of the issue, as well as how to talk about trauma and how to find help.

As research has evolved, we are learning more and more about how childhood trauma (including abuse and neglect) impacts the long-term outcomes of those who have been affected. We have learned that exposure to prolonged adversity—toxic stress—has a negative impact on development and long-term health.

This evidence points to the need for early life interventions, prevention strategies, and a holistic view of physical and mental health. It also has potential impacts for health care policy, as we may need to shape our health care system to support these efforts and mitigate the far reaching effects of childhood adversity.

The CT Mirror series aims to look into the issue in-depth throughout the week. Be sure to read each installment to learn more and join the conversation on social media using #talktrauma.

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