A Go-To Guide to Health Care in CT


By Rosana Garcia

The CT Mirror recently released “A guide to health care in Connecticut,” ahead of the November 15 open enrollment period.   The guide provides practical information for Connecticut residents on health insurance, collecting many resources that the CT Mirror has published over the course of the last year in one convenient and central location.

The guide organizes a wide variety of information.  There are sections focusing on health insurance costs and options for 2015, six ways CT’s exchange will change for 2015, and six things to consider when picking your health insurance, particularly timely as the second enrollment period looms near.  There is even an interactive calculator that allows you to get a sense of your household’s possible health insurance costs for the coming year—be aware, though, that the prices quoted in the calculator don’t include subsidies for which you may be eligible.

Another useful feature is the Questions section, where CT Mirror’s health reporter, Arielle Levin Becker, answers readers’ questions that range from understanding health insurance-speak to answering more complex questions about specific situations.  The list of answered questions is searchable and if your specific question is not listed, Levin Becker provides her email address (alevinbecker@ctmirror.org) to be able to answer your question. The CT Mirror is also asking for users’ questions, challenges and general comments regarding the health law, the health care system and caring for your health to improve the service.

These are useful avenues for asking questions, requesting more information, and telling your stories.  Not only will you gain insight into your own situation, but you may help others with similar concerns.  These are great resources for clarifying confusion and illuminating health reform issues.

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