Spanish language website launched by Access Health CT

The final push before next month’s enrollment deadline focuses on getting lower income and minority populations enrolled in health insurance. The lag in enrollment among Latinos and Blacks in particular, is not only common to Connecticut, but is being experienced nationally. Research shows that one reasons why Latino enrollment figures have been low is a lack of awareness.  This week Access Health CT launched its new Spanish language website with information on health care reform, and health insurance plans.  Because a significant portion of Connecticut’s uninsured population does not speak English, removing this language barrier will hopefully increase awareness and improve enrollment.

AHCT is one of only a handful of exchanges in the country to offer a Spanish language website to its customers. Despite being a great accomplishment, it’s one that was long overdue. In a CT Mirror article, CEO of Access Health CT, Kevin Counihan agrees that the exchange has not done as well as it should at reaching Hispanics.  With the website now up and running, we hope it will yield great return in the one month left for enrollment.  More about the new website is available at here  and here.

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