Another myth busted – CBO does not show the ACA to be a job killer

On Feb. 4 the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a long-term budget analysis, in which it weighed the Affordable Care Act’s effect on the nation. And opponents to the reform law began spinning what the report said, with a focus on what they have termed “the job killing effects.”

The hype typically reads that 2 million jobs will be lost due to the law, but the reality is that’s not what the CBO said at all. The labor pool, a number reached by adding those in the workforce and those actively seeking work, will shrink by 2 million as people are no longer tied to employment as a means of getting, or being able to afford, health insurance.

In fact, an Urban Institute report funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimate that the number of Americans who are self-employed will increase as a result of the law.

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