Debunking the Latest ACA Myth

Michael Miller, Policy Director at Community Catalyst last week posted a piece “The Insider: the Boogeyman Under the Bed: Adverse Selection in the ACA and other Dysfunctional Fantasies” on their Health Policy Hub blog,  which argues persuasively that all the “handwringing” about not enough young people enrolling in coverage through the new marketplaces is a “tempest in a teapot.”  A recent report in December from the Harry J. Kaiser Family Foundation also addresses why a “death spiral” based on lower than expected enrollment of people under age 35 is unlikely for the foreseeable future.  Sure there’s a target of getting young adults insurance coverage at roughly the same proportion as they are found in the pool of potential enrollees.  But if that mark is missed in the first year, there is plenty of time to reach this goal.   As Miller points out, it’s important for supporters of the ACA “to fire back hard whenever someone raises the red herring of death spiral. There’s no shortage of ammunition.”

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