CT Takes a Lead in Getting Uninsured Covered

Editor’s Note: Since this blog was originally published Anthem has further changed the deadline for payment. It is now Jan. 31. For more information on Anthem and information on how to pay, please see this article from the Hartford Courant.

Connecticut started 2014 with good news on its effort to get health coverage to the uninsured.   It turns out that, compared to other states, we lead the pack in expanding health care access for our state’s residents.   Here are some highlights:

  • 62,153 people enrolled in a health plan through Access Health CT, the state’s new health insurance exchange
  • 34,295 of those purchased coverage through a private insurer
  • 27,858 of those qualified for coverage in the state’s Medicaid program, HUSKY
  • CT is the first state to exceed the federal government’s state-by-state enrollment goals for private health care coverage (the goal set for CT was 33,000)

These numbers reflect just the first three months of a six month enrollment period.  The period of January 1 – March 31, 2014 offers more opportunity for the state to excel.  The state has its sights set on enrolling at least 100,000 in this first phase of the Affordable Care Act coverage roll out.

It’s clear that states that have embraced implementation of the law have posted better news for the uninsured than states with a do-nothing approach. Harvard University professor, Theda Skocpol, just released data on coverage in cooperative versus uncooperative states.  The initial results point to growing disparities between states.

Now is not the time to rest on our laurels.  It’s imperative that outreach and education efforts keep up the momentum.  Access Health CT is continuing its efforts to equip the state’s certified assisters and brokers through ongoing training and sharing of best practices.  They are also offering tips to interested community-based partners and organizations.  The first such event is happening on January 10, and we’ll pass on information as the others are scheduled.

Universal Health Care Foundation is also on the road offering a free Affordable Care Act workshop for the general public.  Public libraries have proven to be a great venue for such events.  If you would like set up a workshop in your area, please contact us at: info@universalhealthct.org.

Finally  —  Access Health CT has issued information reminding those who have signed up for coverage beginning January 1 that the deadline to pay the first premium has been extended to Jan. 15 for ConnectiCare (800-251-7722) and Anthem (855-738-6644) enrollees and Jan. 17 for Healthy CT (855-458-4928) enrollees.  Once premiums are paid, enrollees should receive ID cards.

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