The Truth Behind Cancelled Insurance Plans

In past weeks it has come to light that some individuals who were able to purchase their own health coverage in the past are now facing discontinuation of their policies.   Let’s start by saying that no one would wish loss of coverage on anyone.

The health plans being terminated because they don’t meet the minimal standards of the Affordable Health Care Act are ones that insurers introduced after the passage of the ACA in 2010, according to the Huffington Post and  other sources of news information.  Shamefully, insurers sold these plans knowing full well that they would not comply with the provisions of the ACA in 2014.

Sadly, the situation has been reported by some media outlets in a flurry of half-truths or outright misinformation. This is a disservice to consumers as they seek to understand the changes and navigate the new health insurance options.  The ACA aims to make sure that everyone who pays their hard-earned dollars for health coverage has access to quality health care. That means coverage for care they need, when they need it – not some of what they need, when the insurer says it’s okay.  You can read more about the facts behind this change in the individual health insurance market in several pieces:

Consumer Reports

Center for Public Integrity

The Huffington Post

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